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I am so happy that we picked A-List Dancers for our wedding. Professional and fun service. They had so much time for us while we were learning the moves for our first dance, even my husband with 2 left feet picked up the moves! The performance by the girls on the night was amazing! The interaction with the audience blew everyone away. It absolutely made my wedding day so special. All the guests have been raving about A-List Dancers. Worth every penny. Would thoroughly recommend
A-List Dancers for any event.

Tina Dutta
London: A - List Bollywood Dancers (simply the best)
The Troupe perform to fully choreographed upbeat latest Bollywood tracks with professional male and female dancers. The routines can be performed in different sets of 10 or 15 mins each set with a change of costumes in between.
At the end of the session the performers encourage audience interaction by simply facilitating and teaching some simple moves to guests. The 1st photo below is our dancers promoting the brand new relaunch at Madam Tuddauds March 2015.
The performers set the scene of... it could be a Birthday Party, a Variety Show, Competition, a Private Function, a Wedding Theme, Hen party, Mehendi Celebration, Coming of Age, Batmitzvah, Thread Celebration, Surprise Party, Wedding Anniversary or even shows for Corporate Events, which is enjoyed by everybody) We try to incorporate different styles of dance moves for everyone to enjoy from expressive to modern with Bhangra, Fusion, Contemporary, Classical, Bollywood being the foundation. The costumes are worn accordingly to compliment each dance style. The Troupe use effective props for added visual effects. The costumes are professionally made by Bollywood designers which are unique only to these Dancers .

The troupe is already known for being the most professional and the most glamorous providing excellent service to its client, here and abroad. The only Troupe to have been shown on Strictly Come Dancing and are constantly asked to appear on Britain's got talent.

Price From
Bollywood Dancers - £200.00 per dancer

2 x 15 or 3 x 10 minute performances with costume change

Choose from various styles and dance performances such as Modern, Bhangra, Fusion, Contemporary and Classical Bollywood

Videos are available on request!

Artist's Requirements:

Sound system
DJ or technician along with a professional CD player
with speakers

Car parking
The company requires 1 x secure car parking space within walking distance of the venue, for unloading costumes and equipment. If the artists chose to bring extra cars, then these will be their own responsibility, however the client must arrange 1 x non chargeable space for the company.

Changing room
The room provided to the artists to change in is very important and should be clean and comfortable. Public toilets are not acceptable. Ideally, a conference or hotel room can be requested from the venue. The room should be well lit and have at least two full length mirrors in for the female artists to do hair and makeup. If there are male and female artists performing then separate rooms must be arranged.

Drinks & refreshments for all artists
Although not mandatory, it is expected for artists to be treated like the client’s guests at an event, and therefore courteous to keep cold drinks and refreshments in the dressing room and/or provide the artists with a meal after their performances.

They've been credited with various awards and successes  including:

Olympics opening and closing ceremony 2012
Folk Dance with Contemporary dance award 2010
Winner of Londons Bollywood dance 2009
1st prize talent show 2008
Best traditional dance 2007
2006 Special Prize Winners: Hip Hop Competition
2006 Boogie Woogie Finalists (rt)
Best Dancer Awards
The Lohana competition in 2005: First Prize
2004 Boogie Woogie Finalists
Croydon festival 2004: First Prize
1st Prize - Lohana competition in 2003
1st Prize - Lohana competition in 2002