Sitar, Tabla and Bansuri (flute) Players
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Sitar and Tabla Duo Ref: D1
Price From 450.00 Duo
                    590.00 Trio



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Transport your guests straight to the heart of India with the tranquil, exotic and authentic sounds of Sitar and Tabla.

This Sitar and Tabla Duo will play an engaging and delightful mix of authentic Indian classical ragas and the most famous Bollywood tunes to give your event a truly Indian feel.

We also  provide our own PA system , Cushions and Mat

The melodic, lilting strains of the sitar combine perfectly with the infectious rhythms of the tabla playing tuneful ragas that are easy on the ear.

For a slightly more textured sound, additional instruments can be included in the band including traditional flute or, for an exciting fusion of East meets West, keyboards or saxophone.  

The music is extremely versatile and can be adapted to suit a whole range of occasions, whether background music at a wedding or formal dinner or an intricate stage show at a corporate event.  The Sitar and Tabla Duo is made up of musicians with over 20 years of live performance experience meaning they have the expertise to make any occasion a success.

The ensemble travels all over the country and is completely self contained, providing a high-quality PA system and authentic traditional Indian clothing to add to the visual spectacle.  Weather permitting, they can also play outside.
With a wonderful performance style, the Sitar and Tabla Duo will add something special to any event.
Sitar and Tabla Players
Sitar and Tabla Players
Tabla and Bansuri (flute) Players