Bollywood Sax - London
Bollywood and Club Sax

His unique sax-playing abilities, combined with his captivating showmanship, will have your audience reeling in nothing short of amazement. Whether it’s playing alongside the world’s finest DJ-ing talent or free-styling from within the crowd, he injects passion into every performance to deliver show-stopping live sax. By blurring the lines between the DJ booth and the dance floor, he has the ability to entrance the listener, blending seamlessly into the original recording to enhance the musical experience. He doesn't just play over the tunes, he plays with the tunes to transport his audience into a musical utopia. So, if you’re looking for a stylish, slick, professional saxophonist who oozes sax-appeal and can entertain an audience, look no further than this amazing Saxophist. He’s guaranteed to put the ‘x’ back into sax to take DJ music to the next level."

Sets: 1.5 hours

1. Solo work:

b) Specifically tailored sets such as wedding entrance, first dance, cake cutting DJ/Sax dance-floor set.

2. Duo/Trios/Quartets
a) sax and flute / guitar or piano / percussion / singer 

3. Dhol and Sax set 15-20  minute set of dhol and sax with DJ.

Base Rate:

Solo work: From £400.00 for 1.5 hours within Edinburgh, including PA system, backing tracks and music in-between sets.


Bollywood Current and Old Songs

Western and English Songs

Chilled Dance and House

Christmas Songs 

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Price From £400.00 for 1.5 hours
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